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    The Core Company Values

    We ensure stewardship of your long term investment and due diligence of a realistic budget. Our professionalism is evident in our involvement in the fabrication of your custom product and the way in which we supervise our skilled contractors on site. The personal touch is evident in the quality of our deliverables and in the confidence our clients feel when collaborating with our designers and rest of the team.

    3D MODELING 85%
    2D PLANNING 55%

    Creating a Concept

    Budget Planning

    Design Process

    Building Your Dream


    Why Choose Us ?

    We begin every project from scratch, brainstorm interior designing ideas that fits your space and suits your personality. May it be luxury interiors ideas or modular furniture concepts, we strive to bring all of your ideas to reality.

    Your company is the greatest. I can’t imagine anyone living without you.” —Very smart customer

    Building a home is living one’s dream that sustains even for the generations to come. The Brighter Living is one of the most trusted interior designer in Kolkata ,where to ensure longevity, we use premium quality materials that retains the touch and feel even in the years to come.

    We adhere to strict deadlines through every step of the way so that you can step into your luxury home as planned.

    Beginning with the individuality of designs to the quality of raw materials being used, we are upfront and transparent about every step.

    Homes live forever and to ensure your home  retains its grandeur, we ensure to use quality materials that stand the test of time.

    Communication is the key! With us, clients are rest assured to get their doubts, queries and suggestions conveyed and proactively resolved  by our experts throughout the journey.

    Our team of one of the best interior designer in Kolkata stand out from the crowd in this domain. Our wide range of interior designing services encompasses designing, construction and innovation. We are committed to deliver exceptional workmanship and aesthetic experience like never before!

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