Technical Design

We provide all the nessesary Constructions Drawings for easy understading of construction workers & customers as well. The Following are listed below: Space & Furniture Layout. Ceiling Design Layout. Electrical Ceiling & Light Layout. Electrical Looping & Wall Electrical Layouts. Civil Works Detailed Layout. Specific Highlight Wall Elevation details. Plumbing Layout Detailing. Basin, Sink, Shower & […]

Layout Consultation

After the Survey, We have this type of a drafted walls, where we put in our expertize and bring out the optimum space utilization. Our Spaces & Feel Designers, Select the positioning & Sizes of different furnitures. This furnished drawings are presented to our customers with 3 different layouts of there spaces each haveing a […]

Space Survey

We at Finite Spaces Interior Decor, provide you the most latest technologies in interior decoration, Design & Survey. We use Special Detection & Measuring Instruments which are the pioneering the future. Instruments like: Lazer Guided Measurement Tool.  Lazer Leveling Tool. Radar Based Detection Tool. Optical Cable Micro Detector.  3D Spaces Scanner with Tripod.   These […]

Look & Aesthetic Design

“This is where bring the spaces in life.” Spaces Constraints have been defined and the clients requirements are detailed in full.  We Design the Mood Board or the Charecter of the Spaces.  Wall & Ceiling Colour Pallets Tile Selection & Smoothness  Highlighters & Positioning Furniture & Carpentry Finishes  Wallpaper Effects Designer Lighting Effects  Material Selection […]